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The breed


Standard in pictures - body

Carpathian wolf. Ideal exterior of Czechoslovakian wolfdog. The goal in breeding. As Mr.Hartl sayd: "Who want´s to know, how the czechoslovakian wolfdog should look like, should go in the ZOO and observe our wolves."

AppearanceCharacterColor, coat, skinHead


Body - chest

The chest is pear-shaped, the preferred depth up to the elbow joint (length of  hair not included in the measurement). The belly is tucked up.

The forechest should be steep.  The correct angle corresponds to the angle between the scapula and sternum.  The neck angle is 40° in repose.  A neck carried lower is acceptable, but never more.  Wolfdogs do not carry their necks high.

The elbow of front leg reaches the chest. The chest should never be deeper than the elbow.


The dog in the picture has a deep chest. Even if we ignore the long hair on the underside of the chest, the elbows of front legs extend over the chest.

In this picture, the dog has shorter hair on the chest and it is clear that the elbows extend above the chest.

This dog has weak chest, weak front, not a pear shape. But its extremely slim.

Broad chest with a wide front stance.

Large forechest

Barrel-shaped chest

Free belly