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Standard in pictures - movement

Carpathian wolf. Ideal exterior of Czechoslovakian wolfdog. The goal in breeding. As Mr.Hartl sayd: "Who want´s to know, how the czechoslovakian wolfdog should look like, should go in the ZOO and observe our wolves."

AppearanceCharacterColor, coat, skinHead



Wolfdog movement is harmonious, light, with spacious trot, the legs moving low to the ground. Head and neck, bow in a horizontal position. In walk is pacing. Pacing is the movement of the legs, when move both feet on one side at the same time, in the same direction.

For the correct movement is needed space, on shows in many circles, is this not possible, and therefore the movement of wolfdogs is not good and spacious. The pacing is desirable by walk, in the trot is not standard and fault!

On the video, you can see the movement of a wolf. The movement do not depend on the wolf type, so we can look at is as movement of Carphatian wolf. Its light, powersafe, elegant, in step we can see pacing. The legs are light above the ground. On the right is a video from show (in short time upload my own) you can see the trot of wolfdog. Its effective and spacious. On the video down you can see shepperds. Look at the difference!


In the dog shows, we also meet with the dogs penalized because of unnatural trot. Often this is due to inadequate dog dressage for shows. The dog jumps on the owner, is "wild", think it is a game and gives bad performation.

It is important to think about atypical movement caused by dysplasy. This causes deviation in running, trotting, dog paws scrape the ground, waving of back by the movement and so on.

The movement of an adult wolfdog - trot, the topline is straight. On right german shepp, the topline goes slight down.

Walking of an adult dog - pacing. If there will be the pacing in trott, it would be a defect.

Puppy motion. The puppies can have a heavy movement, but this is highly individual.


Fast gallop (photo: Bożena Krzywoń).


Remember, that if you go to shows, in stack you can probably hide faults, but they show in movement for sure. And a good judge will see it. Back down, not good angulation, not good set tail,... Defects in movement are marked as N in bonitations code. It may be short movement, heavy, wavy, loose or atypical. A fault is not, when the dog wearing the tail set high, it only shows his temperament. Fault is, when the tail is carried like husky. Some judges take high set tail in movement as fault. The step by shepperd is very different as by wilfdog.