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The breed
Standard pictures

Picture definition of CsW standard

For the correct view on how should a CsW look like, I decided to bring in an image interpretation. At the pictures you can see how the wolfdogs look like and what are the desirable traits (after the grow phase, so in age of 2 - 4 year). On the part "defects", you can see how the exterior should not look like.

The following parts have been developed and interpreted also thanks to experts on standard Mrs. Soňa Bognárová and Mr. Oskar Dóra. Photo credits and Tawy kennel, Mrs. Bognárová presentation - these will be replaced with my own in shortest time.

Some words about Cs wolfdog exterior

To understand what are the standard typical proportions and what is not standard, we must come out from the anatomy of the dog and wolf. The standard describes some parts of the body very little or vague and debatable. Amber color of eye can be described in tens of shades. Or fur color - wolfy - for some is it husky color, for some only the dark colors, someone prefers silver color.

I think almost every Czechoslovakian Wolfdog owner wants his dog to resemble a wolf the most. But perhaps only in exterior rather than the nature. The standard CSV clearly describes the wolf-like appearance, but in reality there can be two variants. Breeders often face a choice - to breed against the wolf genes (such as the nature of a working dog, ...) or choose to safe them (wolf-like appearance). Not every full-blooded Cs wolfdog resembles a wolf. Either the appearance of the German Shepherd Dog (dog genes) or the wolf (wolf genes) may be expressed - or somewhere between dog and wolf. But both are foundations of the breed. Also, this may occur in nature. Some Cs wolfdogs are more easily handled in training, while another may be shy or complex in nature, taking after the wolf.

In Cs Wolfdogs, talking about working line and show line is impossible, although in some countries like Italy, breeding works on show lines. What is beautiful for shows has a high value... But in breeding of Cs wolfdogs, this is a very wrong approach. Look what happened to breeds like australian shepperds, german shepperds, border collie,... As breeders, we should not let there become a divide between character and beauty, but should always strive to combine these two things, together with the fundamental element of health.

Atypical exteriors arise mainly by selecting not accurate pairs, genetically transmitted defects and susceptibility to them. These defects include black fur on the muzzle, nonstandard fur, often brown eyes, long ears and tail, wrong set tail, wrong angulation, the overall appearance of a dog, not wolfish... Some defects and errors are smaller, some larger, and it is clear that there is no perfect dog without any flaw.  There is not a dog without minuses. Also, even a dog who is beautiful in youth dog, can develop faults with age.

There is a significant difference in the exterior judging at a bonitation than at a dog show. A dog with worse bonitation code can win titles at show and vice versa, a dog can get a perfect bonitation, but never win a show.  At a dog show the main point is showing the dog itself, the presentation by its handler.   Nothing is measured so the overall impression of the dog is more important. At the bonitation are important the subjective measured values, deviations, defects and errors, and these give the final mark. Interpretations presented here should be the summary information about how the ideal body looks.

In this presentation, the photos are only intended to illustrate a specific discussed fault.  The dog may actually have more faults or even have the mistake in reality not.  Photography often creates faults in animals which it normally does not have. Photos only capture a specific moment in time, so please keep in mind the fact, that in reality the dog may not carry the fault to a significant level (or at all). I do not want to attack any dog or owner by using his dogs here! Faults here are selected on the basis of published information from bonitations, or a fault is present in a photograph.

Carpathian wolf. Ideal exterior of Czechoslovakian wolfdog. The goal in breeding. As Mr.Hartl sayd: "Who want´s to know, how the czechoslovakian wolfdog should look like, should go in the ZOO and observe our wolves." Photo of wolves by Bobor


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