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Standard in pictures - tail

Carpathian wolf. Ideal exterior of Czechoslovakian wolfdog. The goal in breeding. As Mr.Hartl sayd: "Who want´s to know, how the czechoslovakian wolfdog should look like, should go in the ZOO and observe our wolves."

AppearanceCharacterColor, coat, skinHead



The long tail is as the long  ear basically the same - should be judged only after the growth. Proper length is given by the line between the pale color and black finish tip of the tail, which should not exceed hock of back legs - if yes, is marked as long tail. (pictured correct length, right wolf tail).

It is high, hanging straight down. The tail is carried down, the excitement rises up the tail. When trotting carried flush with the back line. The tail should be straight, without turning on site. Broken tail must be judged individually, based only on Xrays confirmation.


Setting on of tail is also important. Wrong is set high or too low, causing that tail acts as a long or short.

We meet at the shows dogs, who carry tail in ring raised up, the fact is, that the dog is excited, but he gets worse mark! It's very bad, because the excitement is rising higher the tail. Of course, the tail should be judged as fault, when the tail is like by the Nordic breeds - anytime above the body.

Carrying the tail says something about the "mood" of dog. Thus, tail carried on the belly - fear, uncertainty. The lower, the fear is greater. From left to right increasing fear (on the right tail on the belly).

The more raised the tail, the more grows the excitement, dominance, but also aggression. Depending on the circumstances. Both dogs are excited.

Tail by a puppy that is 3 to 4 months old. Looks long. This is why we can not judge the proportions of the dog before the end of growth. The puppy has a long tail, but in adulthood, the development of proportions makes the body and tail balanced. By adult dogs should be considered only if the dog stays correct.


On the left tail, which could be described as short. The long tail on the right - pretty common problem, with color interface is below the joints.

Low set tail - tail is often carried still down, color interface is below the joints and is therefore too long.

Fade carried - mostly dogs, who wear the tail to the belly, curled. Photo is illustrative.

Deformation of the tail - the tail is broken - at peak or in another part - broken tail, should be judged individually and only based at Xrays. If confirmed, such a dog is disqualified from breeding.

Atypical tail like tail of basenji is wrong too. Source: internet

Hook on the tail - or twisted tail, comes from the German Shepherd, is too long and the tail is curled at the end, even if the dog is at rest. Bearing the next example of the tail in motion. (photo left Wolfdog)

The dog turns by trot tail to the side. The tail is contort in motion in the wrong position.


Tail contort into some sort of screw or spiral in motion ...

Dwarf tail - the dog was born with tail like this. Photo: Internet