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About our pages

Pages were online in this kind of version first time on 22.7.2009 at 16:00. All sections run from 12.11.2009. I worked on theire preparing for months, which consisted in searching for informations, writing texts, translations... As a beginner interested in the breed, I have´nt found any good source where I could learn more about this amazing breed... So I decided to gather the informations myself, from the breeders and owners, and over time from my own experience. The very first pages were in the form of a blog, but this was not enough for me :) So I changed to clasic html codes, that I can change by my actual requirements. One day, I will learn php and the pages will look and work better :)

Pages have grown so, that they are the biggiest about the breed in the world. Sure many pages have a lot of information, but only on our website you will find complete info, so that the breed is understandable for a lay person, everyone can find here what is interesting for him about breed and also to serve the breeders. Mainly should be there for interested in puppy from us and our owners.


To manage such big sites costs time. So I must choose and i deleted the german version. We have now only english and slovak and the english is so updated, so also the english speaking people can have something from our sites :)


Late in the night from 26.09. to 27.09.2011 was the freehosting on T35 servers canceled, without any warning. We had our pages there for 2 years. So I moved to another server and choosed another name for pages - the name of my kennel. Around 25.09.2012 server Cwahi deteleted all pages too and I have definive sayd goodbye to freehosting. I have now payed domain and hosting, were the deleting or errors are not often as on freehostings. And so was on 09.10.2012 born, with weekly visitors of 3100 and more.


First, however, is this the site of our kennel. You will find here informations about me, about breeding, the kennel, my dogs, litters, ethics and more. I will present photos from actions for wolfdogs. Our gallery is full of beautiful photos from Mr. M.Volárik, where you can see the life with wolfdogs and for this I must say THANK you! For Christmas 2014 I got a great camera, so I try to make some good photos too, but still, I can not compare with the "eye" of Mr.Volárik :) Our prime communications chanel is our fan page on Facebook, where you can find us "Tobrok FCI", where you can find daily photos - new and those from our past. You can find us on Instagram as Tobrok_FCI. Here can be found more private photos, like "behind the kennel scenes".


With the purchase of first Leonberger and thinking about all the pluses and minuses, we decided to breed wolfdogs only externaly and focus on Leonbergers. About this breed is on the internet enought informations, so this pages will be not change and still be anout wolfdogs only.


I work on the pages daily, if the time permits it, I try to upload informations, whitch are, in my opinion, still some kind of taboo. Club pages began to move, but their informations are stil at the beginning of a realy long journey. Everything, what you find here, are my personal opinions, thoughts written by me and by books in the bibliography section (only in slovak). There are people, who dont like the fact, I work on my pages daily (yes, for someone is this also a problem), anyway, I had a great job, where I could spent a lot of time with searching for new info for my pages and upload them :) Now Im fulltime mother and I have also a real life, dont worry.


I do not like copying of my pages, ideas and articles and graphics solutions, especially people who like gossiping us :) If you like us, we inspired you, please link us on your pages.

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