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There are not many places where you would you find the conditions for stud CSV of Slovakia. Therefore, I decided to translate this section, so you can obtain basic information about breeding the Czechoslovak wolfdog in Slovakia.

If you decide to have puppies, it is worth considering a few things. In addition to adequate knowledge of the ethics and principles of breeding, rearing puppies procedure, must be the female, owned, registered as stud. To achieve this status must meet several requirements. In addition to proven pedigree is ... (conditions for females and males in Slovakia).

Terms for studs in Slovakia

Youth presentation - in the correct age can do the bonitation without youth presentation, good do it up from 6 months because of teeth change

Bonitation by femlaes with P1, P3, P5 result and males P1, P3

X-ray examination of the hip joints, max. B/B

Working endurance test SVP 1 - a minimum of first grade - 40 km

Min. 1 shows recommended by the club (European or club show, result of shows not decide on breeding, is accepted by any assessment other than disqualification, up from juniores class)

Age limit established by club (female 18 months, male 24 months)

DNA profile in the laboratory Vetgene

DM and DW tests

Breeding rights for males unlimited, by females only until 8 year of age

Your dog or bitch should have certain assumptions of appearance and character. It should have a good look, nature - be confident, fearless, resistant to external influences, be strong male or female. Bitch may not have puppies at least once in life! If you do not want, do not breed any litter. The reason that prevent cancer of the breast or uterus is ridiculous. One or two litters this fact will not change and affect. The disease has nothing to do with birth, do not be fooled! Conversely, a male dog does not need to cover that he "calms down" in character, rather you show him what he could do, but what can not do. This makes him confused. Avoid unwanted mating and not encourage breeding without pedigree! Think hard if you want to start with breeding, it is a challenging job in which you don´t get rich, you make major funds, give time and effort. But it is nicer to have puppies at home...

Another essential thing in deciding to become a breeder, is knowledge of the breed. I'm not talking about its origin, whether that has 4 feet, ears, yellow eyes, ... I say that the breeder should know perfectly the breed and its behave. What is desired for standard exterior, know the pluses and minuses of dog and know how to navigate in the world of selection of appropriate partners. Anyone who wants to do more must have breed in the eye, must know how correct individual  looks like, what demands are placed on the temperament, health, or family tree. Breeding is not just produce puppies. Breeding is all about building, expanding qualities of the breed with the right mating.

For his female must the breeder select a stud dog, who first completes her. With exterior, physically and of course pedigree. Exterior should be similar to the female, but should not be carriers of the same deficiency or defect as a breeding partner, so the dog 's siblings or their parents. When choosing a stud dog look at health too. It is "in" to mate negative and zero results of genetic tests or X-rays, but it does not mean anything. As stud may also use dog or bitch with worse outcome and HD, for example B. However, the partner must be negative. Similarly, the carrier DM or dwarfism. If a female is carrier the partner must be tested, with the result N/N. Today it is fashionable to use the same sires that have hundred or more offspring. And thus decreasing the possibility of finding a suitable partner when everything is "related to each other".... COI factor should not exceed for 4 generation of 4% , in 5 generations 6% . By contrast, the coefficient of lost ancestors AVK should be min. 90% for 4 generation and 5 generations  for min. 85 % (info from kennel z Údolí ticha, CZ).