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How do czechoslovakian wolfdogs act?

Soon you will find out and learn that the wolfdog is not an ordinary normal dog. His behavior is a little bit dominant just like a wolf. Socialization and habituation will depend with the wolfdog's  relation with his/her  pack, which is you and your family. He needs to learn the hierarchy. As an individual member of your family he will follow you everywhere in the house whether you go to your room, shower or toilet :-)


The basis for coexistence with you is socialization from an early puppy age. Wolfdog has a high resistance to weather, is relentless trotter, highly intelligent and act independently. His voice expressions are identical to wolves, almost does not bark, but howls often, His facial expression are incomparably noticeable than in other dogs - you will  sometimes wonder in dealing with them, feeling stupid trying to understand as to what they are trying to tell you.:o)  He is active, needs freedom of movement and especially not a stereotype. Some problems with the recall and training  but with the correct guidance and a patient owner, he can achieve whatever training you would like your WD to do, he can master it. Therefore he  is not an ideal working dog  compared to German Shepherd, although there are  exceptionally talented ones.  He act purposefully and doing nothing just-so. His training takes place on the basis of friendship and motivation, hard hand drill can cause more harm than do good. (photo by Mackie)


Very unique - Cannot compare the character with any other breed of dog (except maybe on Saarloos Wolfhound, a cross between a wolf and dog)


Temperamental - males, as well as females can be temperamental, his temperament should be directed in the right direction and give the dog a job where he could use it.


Very active - it is surely inappropriate for a man who likes to be at home, sitting at the computer or TV and has no desire to give your dog walks at least 3 hours a day and give him their attention besides the walks outside.


For living conditions, not picky - is satisfied in houses with garden, as well as in city living provide that he is provided with exercise and always with a member of the pack.


Resistance - getting him tired that causes fatigue for wolfdog is almost impossible. It is very persistent, as a proof he can run endurance tests at 100km, about  11 to 15 km/hour. He can do  a straight  7-8 hours run and would require a short rest and continue.


Docile - Whether you're in a right  way or in the wrong one. Learn to open doors and windows. The WD has a lot to offer comes working and training.


Smart - it makes the owner think, imagine, why the exercise should be done and why he can not hunt, why must he always come on a  call ... Will try to convince you that what you want to do is nonsense and he will not do it. But he will always asked and forced you to praise him.


Responding quickly and independently - in unfamiliar situations is rather restrained, but can also act independently and use their high intelligence.


All Weather - Never mind sweatening summer day, steady rain, frost, fog ... His coat with dense undercoat protects him. But prefers colder weather.


Housebroken - has a "self-cleaning" capability. Although he rolled out in the mud, when the mud dries up, it fades some sort of a "dry cleaning" :-). Oftentimes, he takes careof his own hygiene and cleanliness.


Extremely faithful to the owner - is dependent on him, needs his owner more than a large garden, where he's alone. Reason why WD is not useful as border guards, where his handler often changed.


Very social - is linked with loyalty and a strong attachment to pack life, like wolves. The ideal is he should always be with the family (his pack) or has the company of another dog.


Independent in acting - he can act independently , thinks and assess all situations based on what you have practice in his upbringing. He will apply anything you have taught him in any situation he learned from prior experience.


Their facial expression is much more diverse than by other dogs - The range of expressions is very diverse, can express surprise, happiness, pretend to be innocent if they did  something to make you  (the owner) look stupid an funny. :-)


Don´t like loneliness - loneliness takes wolfdog as recognition of pack or punishment. This can lead to aggression, shyness and a loud audible expressions of dissatisfaction. It is therefore necessary  to spend more time with your pup from the first days you brought him in his new home


Is not aggressive - Despite a hard look of a wolf and "pungent" eye, he is loving and playful but certainly not aggressive (of course, dogs with protection training are more suspicious). He is sociable.


Do not bite without reason - all depends on the socialization and training. There are shy and aggressive dogs, but also friendly settlement. It is just as aggressive as any other breed if without good foundation and  poor socialization. Often we see other breed with an aggressive and offensive manner, but aggressive wolfdog is a threat because of their size.


Dependent on its "pack" and hierarchy in it - Be the super alpha and show him that it pays to practice and obey. Especially young dogs during puberty may seek to move higher in the ranking hierarchy. Therefore, he must know exactly where his place. If something is prohibited, it must be implemented with a firm command like "no!!!".


Excellent tracker - Still has the traits inherited from the wolf, particularly the "nose", he is an awesome tracker. No track is difficult to a wolfdog given the proper training.


Excellent companion for long walks in nature - but also loves snow and water in all weather and temperature. Can run hours around the woods, next to a bicycle. he  is excellent for a variety of sports and certainly he don´t easily get tired.


Have problem with some exercises - fetch, barking on command, recall, bite in defense are his weaknesses, but with the right motivation and proper approach can overcome this problem. Just make the training short and fun. Long period of time and too much repetition will make him bored.


The uncontrolled recall - is due to their hunting instinct. To avoid accident, try to teach your pup the first time he arrived in his new home first, his name, second the word "come". Always use his name and your recall command COME before feeding. He will soon learn that if he is called, he will either be praise or be given his "FOOD".


Is OK with other animals - but must know exactly where his place in the pack and must be socialized  by 6-7 weeks old. At this age, their brain is like a "kitchen sponge", he will absorbed and learn all good and bad experienced he encountered. What we neglect or miss  at this age will caused us problem in the future.


Socialization and puppy training is base for all - period from 7 weeks to about 2,5 months is the most important period of life of  wolfdog. They must learn not to be afraid of their surroundings, to accept the animals, people and travel. Develop a relationship with his owner and finds where his place in the pack.


Not suitable for beginners - Wolfdogs are not the typical domesicated breed, they still have the "wolf" inside them. But for sure there are many beginners with a passion for  this breed and are willing to learn.


They're good with Children - the same as  any other breed, we must  socialized and teach them to accept children. Adult wolfdogs takes children as "alpha pups" and they are lenient and accepts them. However, it is necessary to also teach our children on how to treat a dog.


Training is a must - Get your CsW for a specific purpose, train your dog. A good obedient and socialized dog is not only a joy and pride to its owner but a safe companion  one inside and outside his territory. :-)


We can say that it is voracious - The food will do almost anything. Food for him is very strong motivation to obey and follow commands.


It can be a great dog ... - ... according to what you expect from him. He isn´t a good worker as a German shepherd, but can work and perform the same things if you would want to and have a lot of patience to miotivate him.


 An iron fist do nothing good  - A negative experience can ruin everything. HE will always remember it. patience and a happy tone of your voice will do the trick. :-)